Redfish Rattle Fly (Step-by-Step)

Redfish Rattle Fly (Step-by-Step): Tying instructions for a light weight, large profiled streamer suited for fresh and saltwater species.

Great Smoky Mountains: Sept 2020 (Part 2)

More from Smoky Mountains NP.

Great Smoky Mountains NP: Sept. 2020 (Part 1)

Sometimes the fishing gods find it necessary to test our resolve, to throw everything at us (including the kitchen sink). Just to see how badly we want that fish. In 2020, it should be no surprise that the fishing gods had just such a trip in plan for me.

Spotted Bass Wade Trip: October 14, 2020

Smallwater spotted bass and big topwater flies. What more could a guy want?

Orvis “20 Days in September” Photography Contest

Proud winner of the 2020 Orvis “20 Days in September” Photo Contest!

Life in the Time of COVID:

Mark the date on your calendar: Saturday August 8, 2020. The day this new post-COVID world finally got to my wife.

Colorado 2019: Part 6 (One last stop)

Bidding farewell to Lake Granby and the IPWA, we swung a right on US-34E and began our brief trek towards the western entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park.

Colorado 2019: Part 5 (IPWA Day 3)

One last day in the IPWA.

Colorado 2019: Part 4 (IPWA Day 2)

Upon learning we planned to hike and fish the trail, the manager (a man who looked the part of a life long forest service employee) remarked: “That trail? A man died on that trail two weeks ago. Heart Attack. Maybe 50. Some girls found him half-way up…”


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