Top 10 Moments and Memories of 2020

It has been surprisingly cold (well…cool) in SE Louisiana the past few weeks, and I’ve found myself relegated to the indoors more often than out in recent days. It has allowed plenty of time for tying and trip planning, but time for reflection as well. Looking back at 2020, I’m thankful for many things inContinue reading “Top 10 Moments and Memories of 2020”

Grand Isle, LA: 01/13/2021

Grand Isle, LA: 01/13/2021

Grand Isle LA 01-13-2021 – Wintertime Redfishing in Grand Isle, LA. Redfish Ritalin & EP Shrimp Fly Patterns. Redfish and Mullet on the fly.

Clouser's Swimming Nymph Step-by-Step

Clouser’s Swimming Nymph Step-by-Step

How to tie Clouser’s Swimming Nymph Step-by-Step: detailed instructions for tying Clouser’s classic smallmouth pattern with a carp twist.

2021 Species List:

My never ending quest to catch new species on the fly (2021 edition).

Fish in a Barrel: A December Redfish Tradition

Fish in a Barrel: A December Redfish Tradition – Fly Fishing for Redfish during extreme low tide in late December.

Carp Hybrid Fly Step-by-Step

Carp Hybrid Fly Step-by-Step

How to Tie a Carp Hybrid Fly Step-by-Step: Detailed instuctions for tying the classic John Montana Carp Pattern including proof of concept.

Smoke Jumper Emerger Step-by-Step

Smoke Jumper Emerger Step-by-Step

How to tie the Smoke Jumper Emerger Step-by-Step: Detailed instructions for tying a simple midge and mayfly emerger that trout love.

Carp on the Fly: A Field Report

Common Carp on the Fly: Louisiana fly fishing for common carp. December 2020 Field Report.

Topwater Chimera Fly Step-by-Step

How to tie the Topwater Chimera Fly Step-by-Step: A topwater monstrosity worthy of the name Chimera that simply catches fish.

Parachute Ant Fly Step-by-Step

How to tie a Parachute Ant Fly Step-by-Step: Detailed tying instructions for a simple ant mimic that is productive in both cold & warmwater.


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