Pinch Your Barbs & Watch Your Backcast

Pinch Your Barbs & Watch Your Backcast: A cautionary tale of carp fishing, joggers, and the challenges of fishing an urban environment.

Top 10 Moments and Memories of 2020

It has been surprisingly cold (well…cool) in SE Louisiana the past few weeks, and I’ve found myself relegated to the indoors more often than out in recent days. It has allowed plenty of time for tying and trip planning, but time for reflection as well. Looking back at 2020, I’m thankful for many things inContinue reading “Top 10 Moments and Memories of 2020”

Great Smoky Mountains: Sept 2020 (Part 3)

Warning: No fish were caught during the making of this blog post! I warned you in the beginning, but I’ll say it again for those still reading. Sometimes the fishing gods find it necessary to test us. Those words have never rang more true than on this fine week in Great Smoky Mountains National Park.Continue reading “Great Smoky Mountains: Sept 2020 (Part 3)”