Deer Hair Beetle Step-by-Step

Deer Hair Beetle Step-by-Step:

Continuing with last week’s theme, I find myself again attempting to imitate the ever abundant beetle (order Coleoptera) in hopes of fooling some eager trout on my upcoming trip to RMNP. Well stocked on Sunken Beetles following last week’s tying session, my attention has turned to the floating variety in hopes of supplementing the small collection of Foam Beetles currently residing in my terrestrials box.

With that in mind, I settled upon the Deer Hair beetle. Requiring only two materials, this fly is a relatively quick tie and one that can easily fill an angler’s beetle requirements by simply swapping hair color and hook size.

Dry Fly Hook (Size 12-16) 70 or 140 Denier (Black)Materials Peacock Herl
Materials Deer Hair (Black)Materials Deer Hair (Black)

Deer Hair Beetle Step-by-Step Tying Instructions:

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Tips and Tricks

  1. Match the Hatch – No doubt this one is getting redundant, but, as stated in the intro, tie this pattern up in a variety of colors and sizes to “match the hatch.” Beetles comes in reds, browns, yellows and greens. No reason not to tie a few of each if you have the appropriate color of deer hair on hand.
  2. Twitch It – Unlike classic dries where a dead drift with zero drag is required, terrestrial patterns often benefit from a little action on the water. The occasional twitch will add some realism to your presentation as any real-life beetle is bound to struggle as it makes its way downstream.

Proof of Concept

No proof of concept yet, folks. With RMNP still five weeks off, this section will have to remain unproven for the time being.

Tight Lines!


Deer Hair Beetle Step-by-Step
Species Caught on the Deer Hair Beetle Fly to Date:

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