Glades Minnow Streamer Step-by-Step

Glades Minnow Streamer Step-by-Step:

With the new year well underway, I find myself increasingly obsessing over the trips that tentatively fill my 2023 fishing calendar. Grayling and Pike in Alaska. Striper and Albies in the Northeast. Maybe even a few days on western trout stream if time and finances allow. Up first, however, is a trip I’ve been intending to take for a number of years: a visit to south Florida and the Tamiami trail.

Transecting the everglades, the road is a fly anglers dream with largemouth, peacock bass and a variety of exotics giving way to snook and baby tarpon as salinity increases from east to west. Known for its big fish that key on small prey, a variety of patterns have been designed specifically for targeting these fish.

Of these, Mike Connor’s Glades Minnow is the focus of today’s Step-by-Step. Tied to imitate the abundant Mosquito Fish & Mollies that call these tanic waters home, these minute craft fur streamers are a quick and effective tie for targeting a variety of the aforementioned species.

Gamakatsu SL11-3H (#4-6) Monofilament Thread Materials Flat Braid or Tinsel (Gold or Silver)
Materials Craft Fur (Brown/Tan) Materials “Underfur” from Craft Fur Adhesive Eyes (Yellow or Red)
Materials UV Epoxy or Head Cement

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Glades Streamer Step-by-Step Tying Instructions:

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Tips and Tricks

  1. If it ain’t Chartreuse – While the original version of this fly is tied in colors meant to imitate the natural prey species, Steve Kantner also recommends a chartreuse version as a search pattern in his book “Backcountry Flies.”
  2. Weight – Though at its best weightless, a few wraps of lead-free wire can always be added to the shank if more depth is needed.

Proof of Concept

While plans to test this pattern along the Tamiami Trail in early march fell flat, a chartreuse version proved its worth targeting largemouth and bull bluegill closer to home the following weekend.

Tight Line!


Species Caught on the Glades Minnow Streamer to Date:
  1. Largemouth Bass
  2. Bluegill
  3. Black Crappie
  4. Ruddy Bowfin

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3 thoughts on “Glades Minnow Streamer Step-by-Step

    1. That’s great, Reid!! Always excited to hear how these patterns are working for everyone.

      I’ve been fishing the Chartreuse version at home in Louisiana quite a bit as well. Largemouth Bass, Black Crappie and Bluegill have all fallen for it. I’m hoping to put it to good use on some south FL species as well when I head back in a few weeks.

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