“Half-drowned” Hopper Fly (Step-by-Step)

“Half-drowned Hopper Step-by-Step

This week’s Step-by-Step is a semi-original. Leaning on the popular Moodah Poodah attractor pattern’s use of a Klinkhammer-style hook, I’ve adapted the core concept to help solve a “match the hatch” problem that has been on my mind the last few years.

Leaning on the fact that sunken hoppers often outproduce their dry counterparts, I entered with the goal of creating an intermediary: a “Half-drowned” grasshopper riding low in the surface film with legs dragging behind and abdomen sagging below the surface. This “Half-drowned” Hopper Fly (Step-by-step) is the outcome.

Update (10/27/20): While I’ve fished this pattern in a variety of colors and sizes this season, it has become apparent that this fly is at its best when mimicking a cricket. Tied small (size 12 or 14) in the colors shown, this pattern is unbeatable on small warmwater streams.

Klinkhammer (size 10-14) Ultra Thread 70 Denier (Black) Knotted Pheasant Tail Fibers
Hare’s Ear Ice Dub (Black) Hackle (Brown) over Hare’s Ear Ice Dub (Black) 2-mm Craft Foam (Black)

Step-by-Step Tying Instructions:

(Click images to enlarge)

Proof of Concept:

While it may be a while before I can test the “Half-drowned” Hopper on the type of trout stream I was day dreaming about at the beginning, I did put this pattern (in size 14) to the test locally this past week. The full report can be found: here.

Tight lines everyone!


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