Orvis “20 Days in September” Photography Contest

UPDATE – 10/13/20

I’m excited to announce that my wife and I received an email from Orvis yesterday morning announcing her image has placed first in their “20 Days in September” Contest!! For placing first, Orvis will be sending her a Helios H3F 5 wt fly rod! A heck of an addition for someone who took up the sport just a month ago. Thank you, Orvis!

A big thanks to all who voted as well! With only 80 votes separating her photo from the runner up, every vote certainly made a huge difference!

As for next year, my only hope is we manage to complete the entire 20 days. We’re certainly both motivated after this year.

Original Post

It’s been a hectic month-plus of hurricanes (I mention as Delta is enroute for Louisiana at this very moment) and work related stressors since I last put a post together. Yet, somewhere in the middle of it all, my wife and I managed to slip away to Great Smoky Mountain National Park for brief reprieve from it all. While that post is still in the works, I wanted to take a moment to bring everyone’s attention to Orvis’ annual “20 Days in September” photography contest.

Intended to get people out on the water as much as possible in the month of September (20 days if possible), this contest invites the public to share photos of their adventures with Orvis on social media using the #20SepDays. At the close of the month, Orvis staff select their 10 finalists and welcome the public to vote on their favorites.

While I only tallied 10 days on the water during September, one of the two images I submitted to the contest, a gorgeous shot of the Lynn Camp Prong in GSMNP taken by my amazing wife (@maedbhryanphotography on instagram), was selected as a finalist.

Smoky Mountain Dreamscape by Maedbh Ryan (2020)

I couldn’t be more proud of her for the well deserved recognition, and I wanted to invite those who follow and read my blog to check out her photograph along with the other nine amazing entries on the Orvis website.

And, if she happens to be one of your three favorites, we’d love the vote of support.

Here’s the link:

Voting ends at 11:59 p.m. on Friday, October 9th

Thanks to all.

Tight lines!


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