Redfish Ritalin Fly Step-by-Step

Redfish Ritalin Fly Step-by-Step:

Redfish Ritalin, Redfish Crack, or Redfish Meth. Regardless of what you call it, this fly has earned its name(s) for a reason: the redfish are damn near addicted to it. A nondescript crustacean imitation, this bushy, pulsating mess with undulating craft fur tail and beady-eyes just looks too good for hungry redfish to turn down.

With variations attributed to a number of tyers, I’ve seen this pattern tied in every size from 8 to 1/0 and in every color combination under the sun. While it’s a relatively new fly to me, I have high hopes it will become a regular part of my marsh fishing arsenal.

Gamakatsu SL11-3H (Size 2) Ultra Thread 140 Denier Bead Chain or Lead Eyes
Extra Select Craft Fur Ice Chenille or Estaz Dubbing Brush or Dubbing Loop
Silicon Legs Monofilament (Black)Materials UV Resin

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Redfish Ritalin Fly Step-by-Step Tying Instructions:

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Tips and Tricks:

1. Dubbing Brush:

For those with the skill, you can create your own dubbing brush in lieu of a commercially available dubbing brush. If you do go the commercial route, options are fairly endless. The EP series of brushes, for example, cover every length and material combination imaginable. For this tie, I skipped the widely available EP series and instead tried a 2-inch ‘Redfish Brush’ by Sightcast Fishing Company out of Texas.

2. Mono Eyes:

While commercially produced monofilament eyes are available, I recommend creating your own. This can be easily done by melting the tips of 50 lbs monofilament with a lighter and coloring with permanent marker. If a larger eye is desired, a drop of UV resin can be added.

Proof of Concept:

Six months after originally publishing this tutorial, I finally had the opportunity to capture a proof of concept image for this fly.

After months without a trip to the marsh, I made my annual late December Pilgrimage to a spot I know simply as the “Fish in a Barrel” Hole. Since first stumbling across this hole in late 2012, it has been proven itself over and over again. This time, producing 30+ redfish in under three hours including a number on a Purple & Chartreuse version of the pattern pictured above.

Tight Lines Everyone!


22″ Redfish caught on a Purple & Chartreuse Redfish Ritalin
  1. Redfish
  2. Spotted Seatrout
  3. Southern Flounder
  4. Sheepshead

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